Monday, May 9, 2011

fix! and a new project

if any one follows my blogs I've posted this before but I forgot to have mentioned that I took a lot of my inspiration from this wicked artist Melissa van der Paardt y'all should check her out shes cool! This is a mothers day gift for my one and only mummy!

So this is the beginning of a new project I just decided I wanted to start. I have actually 9 cousins on my mom's side that I'm extremely close to. I've practically grew up with them and are like siblings to me. But this project is going to be called the 11 cousin project since I'm adding my brother and I to the bunch. We are known as the "KANG KLAN!" (kang being my moms maidan name and all my aunts). I'll give a little description of each person. So to start this project is my cousin Cara! 1st of the Chen branch.

Name: Cara Chen
Known for: Purple sweater, glasses
talents: playing the violin, attracting Asians, simply being Cara
favorite colour: lime green
secret life: undercover tree Nome


  1. wow I'm glad you're doing some drawings there awesome post! <3

    haha I wish I can find some inspiring artist that I can follow..and for now it's everywhere around :/