Saturday, April 9, 2011

CUPCAKES!!!! and stuff

Look at this Yummy adorable little cupcake! Seema made it for me cause I'm special YAY! thank you Seema!

I like drawing for fun. I find that I sorta do better that way. The black and white ink one is
from the book I've just gotten hooked on The Hunger games. Its Katniss on the left and Rue on the top right.

Interior and Exterior for digital painting. I really don't like the exterior one its ugly.

Just some Fun with friends (Sue what are you doing?)! and Look my first Ever having something been put on the board! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!

its the first year studio!

last animation of the year!

Something for fun its a Glaistaig!


  1. oh hahaha funny photo posts XDXD

  2. homg.SUE IS SO FLAT
    and that cupcake is adorable.D:

  3. yeah theres a lot of stuff you can take in the school that are funny

    I know I wasn't to sure what she was doing but it looked so funny