Sunday, August 10, 2014

Conquering the world one sketch at a time

As you can see these two images above were done at a separate time. The first image was sometime during the winter. Thinking about a character I have been developing for a while now. Exploring what she would wear during the colder seasons. The Image on the left was a little outing with Seema at the ROM museum. The next bunch of images occurred very recently. It has been two weeks now since I have returned from South Africa, I have learned so much about my art and still manage to have a long stretch to go in terms of developing it. But I hope that what I learn is retained and that I get the chance to return again. Only time will tell what my life has in store for me.

This is while I was staying in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I stayed at a family by the name of Sieberhagen's cottage in their back yard. It was an adorable little house. I was only in Port Elizabeth for 3 days and 1 day before I left South Africa. But its a beautiful little province. The potted plant on the bottom right is actually a plant from the next location that I stayed. 

This is the next destination that I stayed Bathurst, South Africa on Comfort Farm. This farm is gorgeous, animals and dogs everywhere. This verse was given by my leader while we were painting and just relaxing for the day. But I wish every moment was just waking up to the sunrise and view of those mountains and hills. 

These are just a few other images on Comfort Farm. the bottom left hand corner image of me was done by a friend that I had gotten to know who works for a famous South African sculptor by the name of Angus Taylor, her name is Elbie. Bottom Right are some drawings that were done during the Evensong service that we had in Grahamstown, South Africa. Grahamstown is where we produced most of my major art pieces on site. We (my team) were artist in residents during the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. 

Oh! the night sky on the farm was so AMAZING! I don't see skies like these in Canada. It was so clear out there I could see the milky way. OOOO I would love to see this sight all over again. I had a chance to draw some festival goers who came into our gallery and interacted with one of the pieces which was a great spot for me to sly sketch them with out them noticing. 

Annie was one of the exhibitors in our gallery (40 stones in the wall) and Tutu Puoane's jazz show was so cool! I would love to check out some jazz in Toronto if I ever get the chance. 

 Attempting to draw my teammates Jolene and Lana. Lana turned out alright but Jolene doesn't look much like her. Met some awesome pianist who perform four handed performances. Oh! and I went to Addo National Elephant park! SO MANY ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!

Doodle done by one of the local artist (Jonathan) of Lana 

Comfort Farm tree! After I finished drawing this image (LAST PAGE OF THE SKETCHBOOK) I was stung by a bee... but I took the stinger out so I survived! 

The preliminary sketches to my completed piece.

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