Tuesday, June 28, 2011

what'cha been up ta?

Well my moms been helping me by promoting me and I have made $50 by caricaturing kids yay! so I'm officially a freelance caricature artist! wheeeee!

these kids are half Chinese and half Japanese really cute kids!
The other project I've been up to is working with super sculpey! and I LOVE THIS STUFF! its so much easier than most of the other clay I've ever used. I'm make a peacock lady! I'm gonna fire her up and then paint her!

my character has stubby legs ew oh well its the first one so I'll like it pass.
And last but not least this is my most recent one that I started to day. its only the head though ... I've got plans for this head to go far!


  1. What is thiss stuff?D: I need something like it for a project so i gotta knoww D:

    Oh and..she looks really good!=O its coming along nice

  2. its called "Super sculpey" whats the special project? you went to China for a business trip?

  3. ahh I saw that in the store today.bought something else though. Cool cool

    nono.not a business trip..just as a job thingy thats all..nothing too serious but did took my time =)