Friday, May 13, 2011

double update!

Well since Blogger was down for a while I didn't get the chance to upload the image yesterday, so here we go. Starting with the Moy's now. The darkest cousins. They just tan a lot easier than the rest of us.

So this is the oldest girl in the clan.

Name: Rebecca Moy
Known for: Big eyes, curvy hips, never wearing a T-shirt only tanks, super friendly personality
Talents: smart, fashion forward, getting through a long day in heels, playing flute and piano, camera poser, attracting the creepiest people.
Favourite colour: the last time I checked it was blue
Secret life: party lemur

Name: Nancy Moy
Know for: being tall, fashion forward, having acquired a purple wardrobe, camera poser.
Talent:wicked braiding/ hair styling skills, good at handling bratty kids, playing the piano, clarinet, and violin.
Favourite colour: I'm guessing purple
Secret Life: Queen of the monkey's

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