Friday, October 15, 2010

Hanky Panky! ....

Just something my mom said couldn't get over it. Time to update my junk here goes INTO 2ND YEAR ANIMATION!!!!!!

Story boarding (with Nancy Beiman):
well... learning under Nancy Beiman may be scary its worth every scare in the world she teaches you like no other teacher like things only special people can teach like Kaj Pindal. I am extremely thankful for teachers like them!

Painting (with Mike Hitchcock):


Animation (with Mark Mayerson):

Sound (with Tony Tosti ):

Put in groups of three and divided the project into Dialogue, Music, and Sound Effects. Jessica Channer - Dialogue, Noah Comar - Music/ Atmosphere, Me- Sound effects
We had to match it to this video.

For some reason I'm having issues uploading the other sound projects so I'll leave it to this one project

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