Thursday, April 22, 2010


Time to update some paintings that I was okay with even though painting teacher was meh! about. First one is the Picto planet. Tee hee I like the shiny alien statue butt. I got this look from watching planet 51 with my mom and brother. Its such a cute little movie.

My painting teacher is cool but I struggled in her class. Sigh no worries I will work harder! TO SECOND YEAR !

This is my favorite painting of the whole year I thought it turned out the best. Lookie the shiny metal of . I hated the other piece that was also part of this assignment. I had used oil paint and I mainly used blue. Lets just say it looked narsty XP.

But I did well in this painting which I'm very happy with! yay me!

This is the last painting of the year!

We were to put our characters into an environment that suits them. This is my character Esther's room. She lives / rents a attic in a old house (no specific location right now) she doesn't have electricity and uses those glass bottles with candles to light up the room. she uses the light from that gigantic window as a source of light, and sometimes light comes though the little room too. Her favourite colour is green but the blanket she owns was the only thing her parents had in storage, so being the cheap art student that she is she stuck with it.

This is with the character in the scene. We were to use cell paper to get the character in. It was so hard the paint kept peeling off so she looks disease.

Novel interior is the assignment before the character in the scene one. I liked the turn out of this one.

" I slipped on a pile of wood scraps, but when I shined a light on them I realized they were pencils-- hundreds of them, all broken in half.
The tunnel opened up onto a large room. A blazing light hit us. Once my eyes adjusted, the first thing I noticed were skeletons. Dozens littered the floor around us. Some were old and bleached white. Others were more recent and a lot grosser. They didn't smell quite as bad as Greyon's stables, but almost.
Then I saw the monster. She stood on a glittery dais on the opposite side of the room. She had the body of a huge lion and the head of a women. She would've been pretty, but her hair was tied back in a tight bun and she wore too much makeup, so she kind of reminded me of my third grade choir teacher. She had a blue ribbon badge pinned to her chest........Tyson whimpered. "Sphinx." " pg 180-181 Percy Jackson and the Olympians : The Battle of the Labyrinth

last animation of the year. Introducing hula sack! he gets knocked out by the hula skirt because he's to fat.

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