Friday, January 15, 2010


So I'm gonna be uploading all my animation junk from last semester. I'm not the greatest at animation and I'm only doing this for my high school friends who really want to see this =D you better appreciate this! !!! (lol just kidding )

This is the balloon animation lol I forgot to make it bounce a bit =D

This is the very bouncy ball =) I like this one more than the other animated sphere objects that I've done. This was also the very first one that I animated EVER!

This one took for EVER!!!!! and since my background was to elaborate it takes away the focus from the animation.

AHHHH lol you can totally tell I rushed this one I didn't even follow the rules XD so bad and at one point the string goes out of her hand. GAH!

Teacher thought Kitty was distracting. I just like the fat kitty go fat kitty go! READ READ READ!

I like Mr. Sharkie he was cool and if you look closely there's a little scuba diver in his mouth. You see this Shark is a vegetarian its cool

I forgot to upload this one. ball and tail. it looks like its having seizure at one point. =D

This is for digital tools, we were suppose to make a leica reel and I was having such a hard time, this idea came about when Chelsea, Liz, and Sarah (sorry I dunno how to make links connect to these people so just look to the side the only person I don't have is Liz) were eating gingerbread Santa's, and snow mans, and I felt really bad for them cause they left those gingerbread to suffer with half there bodies intact!

And this is the end of my MEGA UPLOAD!!!!!


  1. Hahahaha! I'd not seen your full animatic until now. That turned out amazingly well. I laughed. X3 And I loved your ball and tail too; the seizure-y bit was the best. XD

  2. aw this is an honour coming from you so THANK YOU! your was CRAZY! you should post yours in fact you need to UPDATE!

    I feel bad for the seizure ball

  3. I would totally watch those if they weren't vidoes!!!

    I am certain they are awesome.

  4. aw you can't see them well I could send them to individually but I dunno if you want that